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SS emblem inlay decal decals will fit 05 06 07 Chevrolet Cobalt


I agree with the previous review; I bought the black reflective SS inlays, which look amazing against a black cobalt. It has the blacked out look with the chrome SS trim still showing it's an SS, and when the sun or light hits the SS inlays they gleam a bright chrome which likewise looks amazing. They are JUST STICKERS, they are not normal cut vinyls where they are attached to a piece of clear plastic. This means install is difficult, you will have to be very patient putting the S on to make everything line up. And they are not cut perfectly, there are small gaps as much as half a millimeter (roughly) but this is unnoticeable even at a couple feet away. And they give you extras in case you mess up.. even being a perfectionist, I messed up on one of the small SS stickers. I would overall recommend, they look amazing; the only way you'll get your SS badges to look any better would be to paint them, and you would have to do a professional job of it.
Date Added: 04/27/2011 by Joshua Rothe
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