Neon SRT-4 SXT R/T shorty shortie vinyl eyelids

Starting at: $20.00

Give your SRT-4 that mean, aggressive look its been missing. Eyelids come in sets of two. One for the drivers side headlight & one for the passenger's side headlight. *Some colors are transluscent when the lights are on. If you're wanting a more solid look (without any light shining through) we recommend installing a set of black eyelids before applying the color you desire. This will prevent the light from shining through. I will include, with every order, a set of gloss black eyelids as well so you can decide if you want to use them or not!

If you are not comfortable applying vinyl, you may want to have a professional install them! We are not responsible for improper installation!

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  • Model: 253-HOG

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