Baseball vinyl decal decals perfect for Detroit Tigers fan

Starting at: $7.00

You will receive 1 "D" decal just as pictured. Cut fresh when ordered from professional grade, outdoor vinyl.

Sizes are as follows:
3" wide by 4.4" tall
4" wide by 5.8" tall
5" wide by 7.3" tall
6" wide by 8.7" tall
7" wide by 10.2" tall
8" wide by 11.7" tall
9" wide by 13.1" tall
10" wide by 14.6" tall
11" wide by 16.0" tall
12" wide by 17.5" tall
13" wide by 18.9" tall
14" wide by 20.4" tall
15" wide by 21.9" tall

If these sizes do not suit your needs please let us know. This decal can be made as large as 35" tall by 23.3" wide.

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  • Model: 328-Grafx

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