Hummingbird Cherry Blossom 3 color wall art vinyl decal graphic

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You will receive (1) decal per order. Your graphic will come in 3 parts. The 1st part is shown in brown in the photo and is the branches and the hummingbird. This is applied as one graphic and will have transfer tape. 2nd you install the flower petals, which are shown in light pink in the photo. The third decal is the dark pink dots in the center of the flowers.

12" wide x 23" tall
13" wide x 25" tall
14" wide x 26" tall
15" wide x 28" tall
16" wide x 30" tall
17" wide x 33" tall
18" wide x 35" tall
19" wide x 37" tall
21" wide x 40" tall
22" wide x 42" tall
23" wide x 44" tall

COLORS AVAILABLE FOR THIS DECAL ARE---> Dark Pink, Light Pink, Dark Brown, Light Brown, Key Lime Pie, Royal Blue, Sky Blue, Sapphire Blue, Purple, Gold, Silver, Flat black, Red, Bright Orange, Burnt Orange, Red Orange, yellow, Apple Green, Beige, & Copper Metallic

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  • Model: Hummer

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