Black 3D Flexible Carbon Fiber Weave Vinyl Wrap Film

Starting at: $20.00

Carbon Fiber Automotive Wrap Vinyl Sheets can be applied to Your car's hood, trunk, roof, dashboard, gauges, interior, amplifiers, wheels, mirrors, door handles, glass, cell phones, laptops, iPods, motorcycle parts, metal parts and just about any relatively non-porous surface.
The material is soft and flexible allowing it to conform to contours and bend easily. After applying the Vinyl Sheet, you simply trim the excess vinyl with a sharp blade or hobby knife (not included). What you have left is a customized look without the head aches and costs associated with painting.
Easy and fun to install and remove, and they won't harm the painted finish surface of your vehicle. Don't be fooled by others selling cheaper, imitation brands of vinyl. Designed to last longer and perform better.

Acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive Air Egress Technology for easy bubble free installation
Dry Application. No water/soap solution needed. Can be re positioned and stretched
Textured pattern, NOT PRINTED
Stretchable with heat. Conform to contours and bend easily.
High temperature & water resistant. Can be cleaned with soap and water S

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  • Model: Metro3D

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