Headlight & Tail Light Overlay Install

Stock 03-04 G35 Tails

Peel the vinyl overlays from the backing and drop them in a bucket of soapy water. Be sure the vinyl doesn't stick to itself before you drop them in. Fill up the bucket half way and put one or two small squirts of dishwashing soap. The key is not to use too much soap! Youíll want to do only one side at a time. (If you don't have a bucket you can use a spray bottle with water and a small squirt of dishwashing soap)

Before applying the overlay, be sure to wash the surface clean but leave it wet.You can use the same soapy solution the overlays were put in. The dishswashing soap will ensure that any wax or oily residue on the surface will be removed.

After you have a cleaned the lights, take the overlay out of the bucket and apply them on the lense.

Start aligning the overlays on your lights. If you have holes cut out of the overlays use those to align them on the proper spot on the lights. Donít worry if you have bubbles and wrinkles at this point. Just make sure the overlay is aligned where you want it to be.

Take a plastic card (credit card), or a squeegee (if you have) wrap it in a cloth and start working the bubbles out. Use light pressure and work from the center to the outside. When you start to do this, youíll find that on the flat and relatively flat surfaces, the vinyl lays smooth, but towards the edges and around tight corners and curves itís hard to get smooth. Donít worry, this is where the important step comes in.

It's possible that when you get to the corners, wrinkles may appear. Itís nearly impossible to get these out without using a hair dryer or a heat gun. Be sure that everything is where you want it to be. Once you heat up the vinyl and shape it to the lens, it tends to take that shape, making repositioning a bit more difficult, although not impossible. If you use a heat gun, be extra careful. Those things put out tremendous heat and can easily melt the overlay and damage the bumper, lens, etc. When you start heating up the surface, you can see the vinyl sort of ďrelaxĒ and become more compliant. Take the hair dryer away, and work the wrinkle smooth your fingers. Go slow and use light pressure. The vinyl at this point is very soft and can easily crease. Remember, you can always lift up a small portion of it, re-wet the area, and do-over if you need to.

Once you get it all pretty much smooth, you should have some overhang around the edges. Simply press your card/squeegee towards the edge and follow the curve into the crevice. Once in the crevice, just lift the card. This will apply pressure and let the vinyl adhere to the lens. Remember, this is also a tight curve, so youíll have to apply some heat with the hair dryer to make it comply.

Stand back & admire your work! Donít worry if you notice small bubbles. Theyíll disappear once it's completely dry. For larger bubbles, you can use a pin and poke a small hole in it and squeeze the excess fluid out.