Remove decals from shipping tube.
Clean each tail light well with rubbing alcohol.
Allow to dry.
Start with the bottom decal. Peel it off. Align it over the larger bottom (reflector) piece of your tail light and apply one side of the vinyl to the reflector.
Now that will stick and you can slowly press the rest of the decal on covering the entire reflector.
Make sure as you are laying the decal down you are pulling the decal taught to stretch the material which will in turn lessen the ammount of air bubbles.
If there are air bubbles, pick up one side of the vinyl (closest to the air bubble)until you get to the spot that has the bubble, and use a squeegee or credit card to press over the vinyl (with squeegee, credit card or finger) as you lay it down again.
It may take a few times of lifting & re-applying before all of the bubbles are removed.
Remember when working with vinyl you must have patience.
Once it's applied, you will need a hair dryer or heat gun.
You will have excess material on the sides and on the top/bottom.
I leave excess so that the entire reflector is covered.
Use a squeegee to push the excess material in on the top and bottom around the reflector.
On the sides you may need an exacto knife to trim the material.
Once you trim the material, use the hair dryer to help conform the material.
Proceed on the same way however you will not need the hair dryer for the next few smaller pieces.
The smaller pieces are easier.
Remember to keep the vinyl taught as you lay it down.
Trimming is only necessary on the sides if you want it trimmed to your liking.
*Be sure to skip 1 line in between.
The decals are special sizes and will fit mainly in one spot.
Start with the bottom pieces of vinyl on the tail light & work your way up. If you do not skip one line in between you will not have enough vinyl strips to complete the tail light*
Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!!