The surface must be clean before installing graphics. Use regular rubbing alcohol and a lint free cloth to remove any dirt, dust, grime, or debris. Allow time to air dry. *Graphics should never be placed on a dirty surface prior to installation. Dirt can be transferred to your vehicle which could cause scratches in your paint and permanent bubbles under the vinyl.

Align the graphic in desired location. Use a ruler or any other form of measuring tool to help in the alignment of your graphics. We use magnets to hold the graphics in place while we find desired location.

Place a piece of masking tape vertically down the center of the graphic. Long enough that it covers the graphic and sticks onto the vehicle.

Peel the backing paper from the graphic (not the graphic from the backing paper) up until the location where you just installed the masking tape.

Use a razor blade, xacto knife or scissors to cut the backing paper. Do not cut right up close to the graphic. Leave a half inch or so as shown. Do not tear the backing paper. Doing so will leave fibers from the paper being torn and that will cause bumps behind the vinyl which cannot be removed.

Spray a soapy water solution (or if you are brave, use plain water *that is what we use to install*) to the vehicle and to the exposed sticky side of the vinyl. Too much soap is no good. The adhesive of the vinyl doesn't bond well if too much soap is used. If you feel more comfortable using a soapy water solution please only use 1 drop to a spray bottle (like shown in photos).

Having an extra set of hands will come in handy at this point. Squeegee from the center out as you remove the water from between the vinyl and the vehicles surface. The vinyl is pressure sensitive so use adequate pressure, but not too much as you can crease the vinyl. Work from the center out towards the edges. *This photo also shows a magnet being used as an alignment guide. Painters tape, or masking tape can be used as well. This guide helps to keep the graphic perfectly aligned so the graphic doesn't "drift" during the install.

Once that side is installed move onto the next side. Use the same steps you just used installing that first half. Once you've gotten both sides installed it's time to remove the pre mask or transfer tape. That is the top layer that is on your graphics holding them together and protecting the material. Peel at a 180 degree angle. Do not pull straight up. You can peel the vinyl up if it's not bonded well.

Once you have removed the transfer tape from the graphics, you can now splice the graphics between the seams of the doors. Cut down the center of the gap to ensure you do not cut/scratch your vehicles body and to give yourself room to "wrap" the graphics (explained below).

If you have fender flares or splash guards at the edge of the stripes, here is how to compete with them =) As you are peeling the transfer tape off, press with a squeegee into the gap, between the vehicle body and the (in this instance) mud guard.

Once you've pressed the material in as far as you can with a squeegee, you can now splice the stripe, as you did above with the door seams. At this point you can go back to all the areas that you had to splice (door jambs). You now want to wrap the material around the vehicle body. Opening the car door is the easiest way to wrap the material around. Use your fingers to press the material around the body.

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