Wet Method Instructions (Decals WITH transfer tape)
(This method makes it easy to apply large graphics with less bubbles)

1-Important:  If your decals come rolled in a shipping tube please remove from tube and lay flat. Allow at least a few hours before trying to install. Applying a book or another heavy object (that will not damage the vinyl) can also aid in the flattening of your decal.
2-Conditions: It's best to install your decal in temperatures between 70 degrees and 90 degrees F. If it's too cold your decal will not stick. If it's too hot your decal may stretch & slide.
3-Take your time & you will get professional results.
4-Once decal is applied, it cannot be removed without ruining it.
5-Always clean the surface you are applying decal to with regular isopropyl rubbing alcohol (for best results) The surface must be squeaky clean.
6-If the surface is not clean your decal will not stick properly.
7-In a 32oz spray bottle, mix 1 drop of liquid soap in the bottle. (1 drop to 32oz. of water).
8-Spray a liberal amount of mixture on the surface to which you are applying decal to and remove the thick backing paper from the decal making sure you decal stays on the transfer tape (which is the top thinner layer).
9-Spray mixture on the adhesive side of the vinyl as well.
10-Apply decal to desired position. This method will allow for the decal to be moved around to the desired position.
Once decal is in desired position, it is very important to remove all of the mixture from under the decal.
Use a stiff squeegee or credit card to remove the water & bubbles. Wait about 1/2 to 1 full hour depending on the outside temperature. If you do not want to wait you can use a hair dryer and go lightly over the decal.
After the decal has dried, gently remove application tape (top layer), leaving the decal on the surface.
If decal comes off with the application tape (top Layer), re-apply decal with squeegee. Spray water/soap mixture on the top layer (transfer tape) and spread the mixture over the entire decal. That will loosen the adhesive of the transfer tape. Wait about 5-10 minutes before attempting to remove application tape again.

Wet Method Instructions (Decals WITHOUT transfer tape)
(This method makes it easy to apply large graphics with less bubbles)

Follow steps 1-10 above.

-Once decal is in desired position you must now remove all of the water solution & bubbles from under the decal. You can do this by using a squeegee or credit card. Since there is no transfer tape over the decal, we suggest using a lint free cloth, or damp paper towel over the edge which will be rubbing across the vinyl. This will prevent the vinyl from getting scratched while removing the excess water/bubbles. You can use your fingers as well if you're comfortable doing so.
-When all the water and bubbles are removed from behind the decal you're done. Allow your graphic time to dry before driving the vehicle. Obviously the longer you can wait the better. I personally like to give my decals a day or so to adhere. If it's warm out you can always sit the vehicle in the sun to help dry the decal.

Please ask us if you have any questions with any steps listed here. We answer all emails very quickly. Thanks again for your business.