DRY APPLICATION - Large decals & Wall decals

Align the graphic in the position you desire. Use a ruler or measuring tape to find proper positioning.

Apply a piece of painters tape (or masking take) vertically down the center of the graphic. Peel the top layer (transfer tape) back as far as the painters tape. Remove the white bottom layer (backing paper) by tearing it or cutting it.

Using a squeegee (or credit card) apply the graphic to the wall. Start in the center and work your way out. Press firmly but not too hard. Hold the end of the material off the wall until you get to that section with the squeegee. Once this sticks, you cannot peel it up and re-do it.

Repeat the previous steps on the other side. Peel graphic back to the painters or masking tape.

Tear the backing paper away.

Squeegee from the middle out.

Once that's complete, remove the transfer tape from the graphic, as well as the tape you applied to hold your graphic in place and admire your work!