Clean the area well with regular rubbing alcohol and a lint free cloth (paper towel should be fine)
Align the graphic where you want to apply it. Place masking tape down the graphic as shown

Using the "hinge" you created with the masking tape, flip the decal over on itself so you can remove the backing tape exposing the adhesive.

Slowly peel the backing paper away from the graphic.

Spray a liberal amount of water (plain water) to the vehicle (where the graphic will be applied) as well as on the adhesive side of the graphic as well

Flip the graphic back into place and start squeegeeing the water out from behind the graphic.

Start in the middle and work your way out.

Once you have removed all water from behind your graphic you can either follow the steps below, or you can take this time to allow that side to dry a little and move on to the next side. Follow the same steps when installing the second graphic on the other side of the hood.

Once all the water is out from behind your graphic slowly peel the top layer (transfer tape) off exposing your graphic. Work slowly. If your graphic starts to peel up with the transfer tape lay it back down and squeegee it a little more. There may still be water behind the graphic.

Once completed, step back and admire your work!