If your decals come rolled in a shipping tube please remove from shipping tube and lay flat. Allow at least a few hours before trying to install. Applying a book or another heavy object (that will not damage the vinyl) can also aid in the flatening of your decal.

(This application is recommended for smaller decals)
The surface must be clean, and free of all oils, waxes and dirt.
Use rubbing alcohol to clean the surface.
Allow alcohol to air dry.
Decals stick best around 55-75 degrees or above.
The warmer the better, but avoid direct sunlight.
If your Decal was shipped rolled, lay it out flat and let it relax for an hour or so.
The Decal will be easier to handle if flat.
Remove the thick backing paper, which is the back layer.
Make sure your decal is sticking to the top layer which is the transfer tape.
Once you completely remove the backing paper, apply decal to desired position. (Once decal sticks, it cannot be removed without ruining the decal)
Using a squeegee or credit card, squeegee over the decal several times making sure the decal sticks & air bubbles are removed.
Now, remove the transfer tape (top layer) slowly making sure your decal is sticking to desired area.
Once you are done, stand back and admire your new decal.