Wheel Pin Stripe Install

Items required:

Wheel pinstripe size and color of your choice.
Spray bottle with water and dish soap mixture.
Sponge and/or terry cloth.
Cleaning clay.
Rubbing alcohol.
Girlfriend's hair dryer.

1. Spray soap and water scrub wheel with sponge or cloth.
2. Clay bar the area to be pinstriped.
3. On a clean applicator do a final wipe-down with rubbing alcohol.

4. Spray the soap and water mixture onto the cleaned wheel.
5. Peel back first section of vinyl while spraying the vinyl's adhesive with the spray bottle.
6 Carefully maneuver the vinyl onto the wheel in the correct position- avoid contaminating adhesive with dirt and debris.
7. When you are satisfied with the position squeegee water out of the vinyl with your fingers until the vinyl adheres.
8. Use heat gun with light heat not spending too much time in any one area speed up drying. This will make the vinyl stick to the wheel real nice.

9. Repeat steps 4-8 for the next section of vinyl. I overlapped my vinyl about 1/4" between sections. Get creative with scissors to save on the vinyl for the final wheel section as the vinyl connects to create the circle. There's no reason to overlap more than 1"

Final result: