Engine Cover Overlays

It is ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL that you make sure your engine cover is thoroughly cleaned before applying the decals.

We recommend using rubbing alcohol on all areas where the decals will be applied.
I would also recommend lightly sanding (with 600 grit sand paper) the surface of the stripes and letters.
After you have sanded them down clean with alcohol.
Sanding is recommended to remove the "slickness" of the paint on the engine cover and aids in the application of these decals.

Remove the decals.
You will notice a layer of transfer tape over the decal.
We recommend (for a nicer look) cutting between each letter & number so you can apply each letter and number one at a time on the engine cover.
Line the decal up over the engine cover looking through the top layer of transfer tape.
Be careful not to let the decal touch the engine cover until you are ready to apply.
Once you have it lined up, press down over the letter with your finger or squeegee.
Peel the top layer (transfer tape) off.
The decal should be stuck in place on your engine cover.
The stripes are the correct width but are a bit longer.
Lay each stripe down over the stripes on the engine cover.
Press the decal down by running your finger over the decal several times, increasing the pressure on each stroke.
Once you have each stripe in place, use an X-Acto knife to trim the edges to the correct lenght & shape.
Be sure to take your time.
You'll get the best results if you do not rush. We have included a few extra stripes in case any mistakes occur.