We've been installing graphics for quite some time and have come across a few of things that can potentially go wrong in the process of installing. Below we've made a list of certain things we've encountered which we'd like to pass along to you. This way if you encounter any of these issues you know what to do. Please contact us if you have any other questions.

There are 3 layers to a decal as shown in the photo below
Top = Transfer tape

Middle = Your graphic

Bottom = Backing paper
- If your decal is shipped rolled please allow time for the graphic to "relax" before you trying to install. The longer you can let it lay flat the better!

-It's best to install your new grafx at about 65 F. The warmer the better but not in direct sunlight.

- Before installing, flip the graphic face down on a hard, smooth surface (such as a table). Press the back of the graphic with a squeegee (or credit card) to help press the graphic onto the transfer tape and off the backing paper.

- DO NOT let the backing paper get wet. Doing so could cause the vinyl graphic to not release from the backing paper.

It's best to peel the backing paper from the graphic instead of peeling the graphic from the backing paper.(shown below)

-If your graphic is sticking to the backing paper (shown below), try the two tips below.

* Repeat the second tip listed above where you squeegee the back of the graphic.
* Take your finger nail or an exacto knife and slide it between the vinyl and the backing paper. This will release the backing paper from the decal as shown below.

-After your graphics are installed peel the transfer tape off SLOWLY to ensure your graphic is sticking to the surface. If your graphic is peeling up with the transfer tape, squeegee again over the transfer tape and allow more time to dry.

-If you use the WET method to install your graphics (on a vehicle) it's BEST to allow drying time before driving. The decals are in a fragile state after being installed wet so it's best to allow time for the grafx to adhere to the surface.

-If you have bubbles under the graphic they will normally work themselves out over time. You can also use a small pin to pop them releasing the air trapped below. *However* if the surface wasn't properly cleaned and dirt/dust is under the graphic that is there permanently and cannot be removed.